Inspect, Service, Installation & Design:
* Fire Sprinkler
* Fire Alarm
* Special Hazard(Engineered & Pre-Engineered Systems)
* Fire Extinguishers​
* Vehicle Fire Systems



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  • Fire prevention and management solutions
  • ​Situational Awareness Systems

Fire Solutions offers Vehicle Fire Suppression systems. We also Inspect & service your existing systems.

Fire Solutions offers all types of fire sprinkler systems. We also Inspect & service your existing fire sprinkler systems.

Fire Solutions offers Kitchen Range Hood Fire Suppression systems. We also Inspect & service your existing systems.

A comprehensive, integrated solution is the best choice

At Fire Solutions, we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection you and your partners receive is of the highest caliber. And, because we integrate all of our services, we're able to deduce the most accurate picture of what's happening during a time of high urgency. While we hope you and your family never need to use any of our emergency services, if you do, we assure you that you'll have peace of mind you made the right choice. With more than 28 years in the life safety business, we know what it takes to protect you and yours. 

Services Overview

Fire Solutions inspects Services Installs & Designs Fire Sprinkler-alarm-special Hazard System

Unique Services

# GS21F037AA

  • Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Service & installation

  • Fire Alarm Inspection, Service & Installation

  • Fire Extinguisher Sales, Inspection & Service

  • DOT Cylinder Services (DOT#C572)

  • Alarm Monitoring (DCJS#11-3452)

  • Special Hazard Systems (CO2, Halon, FM200, Argonite, NOVEC 1230)

  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

  • ​Range Hood & Industrial Fire Suppresion Systems

  • Backflow and Cross Connection Testing, Install & Repair